Real Estate Photography

3D interactive tour with 2D enhanced floor plans, dollhouse view.*

0-3000 sqft $195.00

3001-4000 sqft $220.00

4001-5000 sqft $245.00

5001-6000 sqft $270.00

6001-7000 sqft $295.00

7001-8000 sqft $320.00

8001-9000 sqft $345.00

9000-10000 sqft $370.00

Would you like to meet virtually on the property with your clients in the same room. Follow them around in the 3D tour. Check it out here.

Add $100.00 (up to 24 images, $3.00 for each additional) for the flat images for the MLS.

Tour Package

Up to 24 photos $165.00,  $3.00 for each additional photo.*

Blue sky's on all exterior photos, TV screen replacements, fire in fireplaces.

Hosted website with tour links for sharing on social media, web sites, email, texts,  etc.

Basic Package

Up to 24 photos $125.00,  $3.00 for each additional photo.  Photos emailed.*


Up to 4 photos $110.00 ($90.00 with an above package),  $5.00 for each additional photo. 

With or without simulated property lines as per local county GIS maps. 

You Tube branded or unbranded videos $18.00 each, $32.00 for both.

Seasonal Reshoot up to 5 photos $70.00 (ex: freshen winter exteriors with spring summer ones).*

Twilight up to 5 photos $125.00.*

Mileage at $1.25 after 15 miles from Winsted. Calculated one way (not both ways).

* Prices are for one trip.